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Maputo held DiMSUR’s 5th Executive Board Meeting

The Executive Board took important steps to consolidate the Centre in the South African Region

The Fifth Executive Board (EB) Meeting of DiMSUR took place in Maputo, Mozambique, on 18 and 19 July 2018. The meeting was organised by the secretariat of DiMSUR ad interim – represented by UN-Habitat. The Minister of Economy and Finances of Mozambique Mr. Adriano Maleiane conducted the opening ceremony. The Minister stated that there is need to work in synergy to exchange knowledge to face disasters and climate change through socio-economic and political perspectives. Moreover, the minister highlighted that DiMSUR member states should take the meeting as an opportunity to discuss and improve urban resilience and establish network and collaborations.

Ministry of Econmy and Finance of Mozambique, Adriano Maleiane.

Representatives of the Executive Board (EB) from the four member states, i.e., Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Comoros; the Government of Mozambique, represented by the Ministry of Economy, the Finance and Ministry of Land and Rural Development and the Mozambican National Institute for Disaster Risk Management (INGC); the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) from South Africa, the World Bank, UN-Habitat and other stakeholders attended the two-day meeting

5th EB Meeting participants

Mozambique was the host of the 5th EB meeting and the DiMSUR EB Chair, represented by INGC Adjunct Director Mr. Casimiro de Abreu, who informs that the official headquarters of DiMSUR is in Mozambique, as decided in the 2nd EBM of DiMSUR. By rotation, The Union of the Comoros became the new DiMSUR Executive Board chair and took over the meeting chairmanship, represented by Mr. Hamidi Soule, focal person from the Karthala Volcano Observatory (OVK). Mr. Soule stresses the commitment of the Government to strengthen DiMSUR.
Casimiro de Abreu, INGC

For Malawi representative, Mr. Revie Manda, there is need to invest in technologies to respond to disasters and to promote resilience through workshops ad hoc, which Malawi has been doing through the CityRAP Tool. Mr. Clement Kalonga, senior programme officer of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), states that SADC encourages other countries to join DiMSUR. For the DiMSUR Secretariat representative, Mr. Mathias Spaliviero from UN-Habitat, the objective of DiMSUR is to find a common approach between neighbour’s countries for disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and urban resilience.

The 5th EB meeting was an important opportunity for member states to discuss the next steps for the consolidation of DiMSUR in terms of headquarters, partnership with SADC, and joint fundraising initiatives.

The main decisions were taken during the meeting are as following:

  • New member states willing to join DiMSUR need to be aware of DiMSUR Charter;
  • The CityRAP Tool can adapt to larger cities;
  • SADC and DiMSUR will work together. DiMSUR is expected to take the lead in terms of providing technical assistance and knowledge concerning urban resilience and risk reduction whilst SADC will ensure member states engagement and coordination;
  • Partnerships between DiMSUR and the academia/training centres need to be developed via short-courses focussing on urban resilience and targeting practitioners;
  • The Executive Director position will be opened to all nationalities based on the required qualifications and knowledge of the region;
  • The biannual action plan 2018-2019 is approved.

> Find the full the 5th EB meeting minutes here.

Clement Kalonga, SADC.

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