Launching XIPEFO: your gateway to disaster risk management, sustainability and urban resilience

October 13, 2023 , 02:01 pm


Maputo, 13th October 2023 – On this auspicious occasion of celebrating the International Day for Disaster Reduction, DiMSUR is delighted to introduce its newest endeavor – the XIPEFO initiative. XIPEFO, derived from the Tsonga language, a Bantu tongue, embodies the profound concept of “illumination of lives.” It harkens back to a time when an ancestral lamp extended the presence of light into the African night, allowing communities to continue their activities long after the sun had set. XIPEFO distinguishes those who had access to this source of light, enabling them to persist in their endeavors, from those for whom daylight marked the boundaries of their activities. For the latter, the end of the day left them eagerly awaiting the dawn. 
Today, XIPEFO serves as a digital lighthouse, a beacon of knowledge for urban resilience, storing and disseminating vital information. It’s a repository open to all, both individuals and organizations, who are committed to advancing the cause of urban resilience in Africa.
To inaugurate this transformative journey, DiMSUR is proud to launch two strategic projects under XIPEFO, brimming with valuable insights for the African continent. The first is a partnership between DiMSUR and the World Food Program (WFP), titled “Fostering Urban Resilience through Preparedness Activities in Southern Africa.” The second is the project “Building Urban Climate Resilience in South-Eastern Africa”, funded by the Adaptation Fund, and spanning four countries – Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comoros. Both projects share the singular goal of enhancing our understanding of the vulnerabilities faced by African cities, and provide indispensable information to propel the pursuit of urban resilience. 
XIPEFO provides comprehensive overviews of both projects, including introductory videos and extensive documents with insights. By bringing together these diverse projects under one platform, DiMSUR emphasizes its role as a facilitator – uniting countries and partners across southern and eastern Africa to illuminate solutions that strengthen the region’s resilience.
DiMSUR invites all countries that are already members of the centre to access the information available on XIPEFO and invites all the other countries from the SADC region, that are not yet members of DiMSUR, to apply for membership. This project’s dissemination is a testament to what DiMSUR and its partners can accomplish for member countries. It underscores the implementation of participatory technical projects, training, knowledge generation for communities and governments, and research that facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge across southern Africa’s nations.
This is a significant step forward, and we invite you to explore all the information on the project “Fostering Urban Resilience through Preparedness Activities in Southern Africa” via the following link:
Southern Africa Deserves Better.
Let’s come together to shine the light of XIPEFO on urban resilience, illuminating the path toward a more resilient and prosperous African continent. Join us on this journey, and together, we can make a difference.


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