UN-Habitat, Oxfam, DiMSUR and the Government of Mozambique join efforts to strengthen capacities of Local Governments in building climate resilience

August 19, 2022 , 11:17 am

DiMSUR, AF, Mozambique

City of Chokwe, 16 August 2022 – located along the Limpopo River basin witnesses  an increased frequency of climate related hazards such as floods which alongside with the limited institutional development and fast-paced urbanization makes the City one of the most vulnerable human settlements in Mozambique.
With the financial support of the Adaptation Fund (AF), Chokwe Municipal Council in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), OXFAM and  DiMSUR, inaugurated the Community Radio Khindlimuka (Khindlimuka- native term for wake up) that will serve as a core element of the  Local Early Warning Systems for the City, as part of the Project “Building Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Africa” that includes Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comores.

“The Community Radio is an affordable and community-based approach with high potential for transferability and will allow the local authorities and communities to improve their ability to predict and predict climate related and other events and to respond more effectively at the City level and surroundings. The Community Radio is a good example of people-centered early warning systems, which incorporate local knowledge and capacities, and have been planned, tested and are maintained together with the population to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability”

Mr. Jose Vasco Moiane, the Mayor of Chokwe, said in his inauguration remarks


Various social structures which include community representatives, Civil Society organizations, members of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction Committee, members of the local project coordination committee, religious groups and the entire city council representatives, witnessed the moment with proud and hope for a robust and resilient city.

“This Community Radio belongs to us, we are the ones who asked for so it’s our responsibility to use it and maintain it. We should make sure that this radio helps us in learning from the experiences we had back in the 2013 floods and make sure some incidents derived from unfunctional early warning systems do not happen again. We very much appreciate the efforts UN-Habitat and Oxfam have put in place to make this happen. This will enable the communication of more effective warnings to our communities, focusing on gender and vulnerable groups, which will facilitate identification of appropriate actions of an effective early warning system in our City”

Mr. Domingos Mondlane, the Community Representative of Chokwe said.


Supporting Local Governments in building capacities for resilience to climate change impacts has been at the center of the UN-Habitat’s priorities since its establishment in Mozambique in 2002 and will continue to support the Government of Mozambique accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals making cities and human settlements more safe, resilient and sustainable.
For additional Information: Sergio Zimba, City Project Manager – Oxfam (sergio.zimba@oxfam.org) and Marcia Guambe – Urban Resilience Officer at UN-Habitat – Mozambique (marcia.guambe@un.org).


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