DiMSUR timeline



  • In April 2008 Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comoros endorsed the idea of establishing DiMSUR.
  • A Feasibility Study was conducted and validated in 2012 with the goal of identifying the general challenges at sub-regional and country level, understanding the needs, risks and opportunities linked to the creation of the Centre and providing recommendations. The study concluded that there was a clear advantage at establishing a permanent sub-regional institution providing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) technical support to different stakeholders, working beyond the limited time period of projects and programs.
  • Based on this Feasibility Study, UN-Habitat facilitated the preparation of a full proposal for the establishment and operationalization of DiMSUR. The proposal was submitted – with a formal endorsement at the highest political level of the four countries,to the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Programme, and was approved in March 2013.
  • The process of DiMSUR establishment was launched in Maputo, Mozambique by high representatives of Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comoros on the 3rd of June 2013.
  • DiMSUR’s Executive Board met for the first time in Abuja, Nigeria on the 12th May 2014.
  • DiMSUR Biannual Action Plan was drafted in May 2014. It identified three key priority areas: (1) Position  DiMSUR as service-provider on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR/M), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Urban Resilience (UR); (2) Deliver tailored capacity building, training and demonstration activities across the four countries; (3) Promote partnerships with technical, academic and research institutions of Southern Africa.
  • DiMSUR was legally established during the second Session of the Executive Board held on the 2nd December 2014 when all four founding countries – Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comoros – and UN-Habitat, as facilitator of the Centre, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the Charter.
  • A 10-year Strategic Plan was presented during the III DiMSUR Executive Board Meeting in Maputo, October 2015.[/fusion_text]

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Headquarter in Maputo and Sub-Units in Member States

University Eduardo Mondlane Campus (UEM)
Julius Nyerere Avenue, #3453
Sciences Faculty – Physics Department, 2nd Floor
Maputo – Mozambique

Tel: +258 (84) 0531199
secretariat@dimsur.org |www.dimsur.org

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