DiMSUR – A new cycle has just begun for the African resilience agenda

April 11, 2022 , 11:21 am

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DiMSUR is a sub-regional, non-profit organization that works to develop local, national and regional capacity to reduce vulnerability and build community resilience to hazards in Sub-Saharan Africa. It was established in 2013 by the Governments of Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and the Union of Comoros as an autonomous, apolitical body. It is headquartered in Maputo, Mozambique with antennas active in all other member states.  This Technical Centre for Disaster Risk Management, Sustainability and Urban Resilience is pleased to announce the addition of two new core personnel:

Mr. Nuno Ibra Hassane Remane was appointed as DiMSUR Executive Director at the organization 7th Executive Board Meeting. In addition, Ms. Marta Leite was confirmed as an Administrative Official to oversee governance and offer administrative support.
DiMSUR’s Executive Secretariat met in Blantyre, Malawi as part of a Regional Workshop on “Building Urban Climate Resilience in South Eastern Africa” from the 21st – 24th March 2022 – a multi-country project to strengthen urban resilience, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategies in four African cities, in Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar and Union of Comoros. The project, funded by the Adaptation Fund, is implemented by DiMSUR, UN-Habitat, Oxfam and the four Governments, from the cities of Morondava, Zomba, Chokwe and Moroni. 
Mr. Remane presented a 3-year strategic plan (2022 – 2024) at the event, outlining his vision to propel the organization forward.
DiMSUR has regional ambitions. Mr. Remane highlighted the need to offer services on disaster risk reduction, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation that find solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa.  Three services will execute this mandate: Local and National Pilot Projects (LOPIs & NAPIs), The Light of Information (XIPEFO) and Regional Strategic Solutions (RSS). This was approved and has since begun implementation. 
In addition, Mr. Remane emphasized DiMSUR’s value in offering technical expertise on urban resilience and vulnerability. The organization has already developed a participatory resilience action planning methodology in partnership with UN-Habitat – the CityRAP tool – which allows localities to participate in urban design processes to reduce risk and build resilience. Moreover, it has co-authored a “Regional Assessment on Urban Vulnerability and Resilience in Southern African Development Community Member States”, providing a much-needed urban resilience framework for the region. 
As part of the Workshop, DiMSUR validated the work carried out by its partners in “Building Urban Climate Resilience in South Eastern Africa”: UN-Habitat and Oxfam. Furthermore, the organization presented during the Adaptation Fund Project’s 2nd Steering Committee Meeting, detailing developments in Zomba City, Malawi. The exchange offered an opportunity for collaboration and cross-fertilization between national and local teams from each respective country – a key moment as the project moves towards its third year of implementation. Mr. Remane, commented:

“This interaction between countries, while they exchange strengths, difficulties and plans, is a way to solidify a regional evidence-based strategy that will improve the capacity of the member countries of DiMSUR, to prevent, manage and mitigate the devastating effects of climate change, that are growing drastically in Southern Africa”. 
Mr. Nuno Ibra Hassane Remane - DiMSUR ED

Looking ahead, expanding DiMSUR’s role as a knowledge repository is an important priority to support member nations and their Governments, particularly amidst the continent’s rapid urbanization. Attached is a salient message: DiMSUR is energized and positioned to increase its coverage across Africa.


Headquarter in Maputo and Sub-Units in Member States

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