July 04, 2022 , 9:46 am

International News, CityRAP

And yet another high-impact goal for DiMSUR was successfully achieved in its participation in WUF11, in Katowice, Poland. DIMSUR, in partnership with UNHABITAT, was able to demonstrate, once again, the relevance of using the CityRAP tool. CityRAP is a methodology that adds knowledge to local governments and their respective communities, defining, in a participatory and inclusive way, the priority parameters that must be listed in order to carry out successful resilient urban interventions. 
With limited time, what should have been a work of 4 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the city or the challenge chosen in it, it was possible to demonstrate to a multicultural and multidisciplinary audience, the possibilities that exist within an exciting tool.
It is always relevant to understand what participants think regarding the development of such a robust and composite tool. The massive online enrollment and the large in-person participation demonstrated the effectiveness of the tool and its relevance in the transformation of many cities in developing countries. With more than 35 beneficiary cities, the tool proves to be viable and capable of good execution, giving the certainty that it is possible to change the path of urban resilience, managing to engage more technicians, communities, cities and governments, with the aim of create better places to live, work, interact and visit.
DiMSUR encourages the use of this tool in all those cities or urban spaces that need to implement structural changes to add greater value to the space, improving the life of communities in general.


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