DiMSUR is back to Addis Ababa

Lideta’s community is drafting its Resilience Framework for Action

The local community and stakeholders from the sub-city of Lideta, in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), are currently working on their urban Resilience Framework for Action, based on the CityRAP Tool. The CityRAP Tool process started in June when a team of experts from DiMSUR went to deliver a crash course about the tool, enabling the local participants to develop a resilience plan for the sub-city. A draft of the Resilience Framework was presented in a review workshop to a group of 40 guests, including representatives from the major office and from the “woredas” (the Ethiopian districts) on the last week of August.

During the previous phases of the CityRAP process, the local participants identified six priority issues: solid waste, informal settlements, food security, job creation, public open space, and drainage. These issues need specific attention in order to increase the resilience of Lideta. The local participants then elaborated a baseline assessment to each of the issues considering several components, such as policies, urban plans, institutional set up (who is responsible for what), finance and physical interventions already in place. Hence, a draft of the Resilience Framework for Action was created based on the baseline assessment.

Tool Presentation_Updated ago24
The phases of the CityRAP Tool process; currently, we are going to the Phase 5.

This document was presented in the review workshop to the local stakeholders in order to receive feedback and inputs. The stakeholders were able to identify gaps and collaborate to the improvement of the final Framework for Action document. For instance, regarding public space policies, the stakeholders highlighted that there were city policies considering public spaces in the structural plan, but there were no operational indications for implementation of them.

The next step for the local participants now is to take into account all the comments received during the workshop and refine the Framework for Action. They have three weeks to prepare a final document to a validation workshop and starting to put the framework into practice in Lideta.

The review workshop received valuable inputs for refining of the Framework for Action.

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2016-08-25-PHOTO-00000005 (1)
DiMSUR team with the local participants in Addis Ababa.

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