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July 27, 2022 , 9:31 am


26th of July 2022 – At the regional office in Maputo, DiMSUR received a visitor who was interested in hearing the details of its regional strategy for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation.
In the person of its Executive Director, Mr. Nuno Remane, received the Economic Officer of the Embassy of the United States of America in Mozambique, Ms. Larina Konold. In this exploratory and informative meeting, it was possible to explain what DiMSUR is, and what are its perspectives for the implementation of actions that generate regional, governmental and community empowerment, searching for a sustainable perspective and an effective urban resilience.
With its technical mandate, in the last 2 years, DiMSUR has been developing actions in four countries in the southern region of Africa (Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Comoros), helping these countries to respond to the impacts of climate change and mitigating the destruction left by natural disasters.
Through funds from the Adaptation Fund, it has been possible to invest in structuring, training and strengthening municipalities, cities and communities as well as repairing and building infrastructures, demonstrating the feasibility of a participatory planning tool, and the added values of decentralized management, with a view to allow the change in the narrative of climate adaptation in the sub-Saharan region, which has been severely harassed, in the last decade.
In partnership with the UN-Habitat Regional Office for Africa and OXFAM, it was possible to structure DiMSUR to support the design of regional strategies as a way to improve urban resilience, making them eligible to obtain funding from regional and international institutions, dedicated to these purposes.
At the end of this visit, subsequent meeting were arranged to continue building up the subjects discussed, allowing for more people and organizations to become aware of the work planned and already carried out by DiMSUR, in favor of a more resilient and sustainable region. 
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