UPDATE - Building Urban Climate Resilience in

Morondava, Madagascar

August 11, 2022 , 2:24 pm

DiMSUR, Madagascar

As part of the UN Habitat Adaptation Funded project for building urban climate resilience in South-Eastern Africa, for Madagascar, the city of Morondava is the beneficiary of eight (8) sub-projects of component 1 that will strengthen the climate resilience of the city: construction of multi-purpose safe-haven, establishment of an early warning system for floods, rehabilitation of 3 bridges in the city, construction of an elevated road, urban greening interventions, restoration of mangroves, improvement of the drainage system and solid waste management of the city.
In collaboration with OXFAM for the implementation of this component 1 in the city of Morondava, the construction of the building for the multipurpose safe haven has already started on July 11th, 2022. On July 28th, 2022, taking advantage of the presence of the central authorities composing the national coordination committee of the project – NPCT in Morondava, the laying of the first bricks (in concrete blocks) of the multi-purpose haven was done by the Director General of Territorial Development of the Ministry of Territorial Development and Land Services – MATSF, The Director Deputy General of the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management BNGRC and the Mayor of Morondava in the presence of the local press. For the BNGRC, an institution that currently chairs the sub-regional Technical Centre for Disaster Risk Management, Sustainability and Urban Resilience in Southern Africa DiMSUR, Mrs. RAZAFIMANANTSOA Mirana, Deputy Director General declared: “having this refuge available to evacuate the disaster victims will allow them to easily and quickly provide the urgent actions required during natural disasters.»
In Morondava, unfortunately most of young people remain unemployed. For the construction of the multi-purpose safe haven, this project uses a labour-intensive approach which has been put in place to engage a variety of people from the local community, including young people, women, and people living with a disability (logistic assistant and cook assistant). 
In addition, the Company responsible for the construction is led by a woman and was committed to hire five women who can participate in activities that do not require great physical strength in the construction site of this multi-purpose haven planned to be available for the city in December 2022.
This multipurpose safe haven will be an evacuation center for victims during natural disasters and throughout the rest of the year, will serve as a training center for young people, women, and people living with disabilities. This multipurpose safe haven will have the capacity to accommodate 200 people and will include, in addition to the basic amenities, solar-powered lighting and a source of water by manual pumping to supplement electricity and running water cuts expected during natural disasters.


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