About US

DiMSUR is the Sub-regional Technical Centre for Disaster Risk Management, Sustainability and Urban Resilience

Innovation & Technical Assistance

DiMSUR provides technical guidance to municipalities to enable them to develop action plans and guidelines with autonomy.

Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

Our goal is to help communities to build resilience with disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change.

Gathering African States, academia, people & NGOs

DiMSUR is a non-profit, autonomous, regional organization; works with governments, NGOs, the United Nations, academia and civil society.

Targeting African Urban Resilience and self-governing

DiMSUR's founding members are the Governments of Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and The Union of the Comoros. The headquarters is in Maputo.

MOre about CityRAP

The greatest contribution of DiMSUR’s endeavor so far is CityRAP Tool, an action plan designed step by step to consolidate urban resilience in towns and cities. Do you want to strengthen your own town? Empower your community by discovering CityRAP.