Partnerships and Networks

The challenges of climate change and associated rise in natural hazards and other risks require collective actions. Consequently, DiMSUR prioritises the promotion of strong and long-lasting partnerships between stakeholders, cities, towns, centres, institutions and organisations within and across countries. It involves local authorities, municipal associations, governmental and academic institutions, professional groups, technical centres and think tanks at different levels to promote city-to-city and national-to-local cooperation. The idea is to create a connected system greater than the sum of its parts and that benefits the society as a whole making it more resilient to shocks and stresses.

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Headquarter in Maputo and Sub-Units in Member States

University Eduardo Mondlane Campus (UEM)
Julius Nyerere Avenue, #3453
Sciences Faculty – Physics Department, 2nd Floor
Maputo – Mozambique

Tel: +258 (84) 0531199 |